Is Play Important in the Early Years

Playing with toys in the early stages of  their development is very important. It is how babies and young children learn, whether it’s cuddling soft toys for comfort and learning to share or using toy phones, building bricks and simple puzzles to find their creative side. It also helps with the development of the brain by learning shapes, colours, vocabulary and hand and eye co-ordination.
They learn through looking, listening, copying, feeling, putting things in their mouth to discover the taste, texture and flavour of everything, good or bad, exploring the new things around them, pulling things apart to find out what is inside and of course using their voice amongst other things.
Play with or without toys should be fun and we have all seen a small child play with the cardboard box the toy came in before the toy becomes the centre of  their attention.
There are toys that are designed to help  develop all  skills as they move from babies into childhood.